About Cyndy Petterson

Cyndy and her husband have owned several successful gymnastics schools in Washington State, Oregon and California over a 20 year span of their lives. In addition to class instruction and choreography, Cyndy was the Program Director for each gym and was responsible for the day to day operations of the business. Her job was to utilize their gyms to their full potential by diversifying the programs offered.

In addition to recreation and competitive team gymnastics classes, Cyndy added programs including cheerleading, martial arts, boxing, preschool classes, home school classes and adult fitness classes. Their gyms provided something for everyone and measured their success one student at a time.

As the Program Director, her job was also to purchase the equipment we needed for each class offered. When they needed more equipment, they always went to local banks for a loan. It was a long, drawn-out process and it was frustrating because the banks didn’t understand the business or the equipment gyms used.

Today, Cyndy has the privilege of working for Full Circle Finance where she specializes in financing equipment for new and existing gyms all over the US. Because of her experience as a gym owner, she knows the equipment gym owners need and understands how gyms make a profit. Cyndy loves her job and truly enjoys helping gym owners purchase the equipment they need to start their gyms or to expand and diversify.





Cyndy Petterson

Account Representative