About Bo Petterson

   Bo has had three separate and distinct careers in his lifetime and he labels each segment as his “Blue Collar”, “Fitness” and “White Collar” careers.

  Bo's Blue Collar career involved several years working in the woods as a logger, then in a lumber mill as an equipment operator and finally as a mechanic building commercial airplanes. He has been a skidder operator, driven grapple & bucket loaders and has operated multiple types of forklifts and aerial man lifts.

  Bo's Fitness career spanned almost 20 years as he owned and operated gyms in Washington, Oregon and California. Most of these gyms were start ups and each location had it's own set of challenges...which is what he enjoyed. Bo trained many successful athletes and won multiple team championships during his years as a gym owner.

 Bo has been working in the equipment leasing industry for the past 15 years and he refers to this segment of his life as his “White Collar” career. He finances a wide variety of equipment including yellow iron, agriculture equipment, fitness equipment and most anything else a business owner needs to be successful.

  Bo believes his diverse background is an advantage for him in the finance industry because he's familiar with many different types of equipment from a wide variety of industries. Having been a successful business owner himself, he enjoys taking to customers all over the US and strives to help each one get the equipment they need to make their own businesses a success.



Bo Petterson

Account Representative